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        The sailing ship speaks for Earth



                  I with this story obtained the third place to level high school for the National Autonomous University from Mexico in the year of 1991. Have been published for the magazine for fans "NAHUAL!", " UNAM gazette " and Web Site "HAL 9000". Been inspired by answer to the last chapter of the series Cosmos of Carl Sagan" Who  Speaks for Earth"?.

                    ¿What bills or explanations would we give you to an observer not terrestrial passionless, on the administration that we have taken of the Earth?.

          This story, it have been commented and discussed by Physical, Engineers, and until a Poet. Everything has a Cientist-Teoric base. The same as Sagan, I believe and I have hopes that we will be able to survive to the technological adolescence. .a weigh of the Demons.

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