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The sailing ship speaks for Earth
By Mauricio Ordóñez Servín

Now the NASA and everybody is made questions: ¿That will he pass if the space sailing ship thrown he in 1994 going to Alpha is found for the invaders?, will the same risk be run that the inhabitants of the planet color amber?. Unfortunately yes, and now alone do it remain to avoid the arrival from the sailing ship to Alpha. Immediately they suspend the ray of laser that was emitted of the sailing ship but they calculate that to the speed with which he now travel, hin less than a year will arrive to the near orbits of Alpha and of the Planet amber

The NASA shouts the possibility of intercepting the sailing ship. Many people mainly people of science, they consider absurd this declaration, but they change mind the knowledge the qualities of the new MV-XXI ship. 
A carried out project but not put in practice. This ship has the same functionality that the alone sailing ships that with some advances. 


The novel of this apparatus is that I now don't sole accept a passenger but rather their acceleration is considered half of taquions. Taking advantage of the speed of these particles the ship I don't sole am controlled for a traveler but rather this traveler will fly almost to the speed of the light; he iis say, he will travel to 229.000 Km/seg. 

Now the NASA concludes: if the ship travels this speed in 8 years measured in the earth he will arrive to Alpha and he will return to the Earth, and the traveler will intercept to the sailing ship and will deviate or he will destroy. they for the alone traveler will pass 7 months due to the effect relativist of the contraction of the time.


Seat of the shipThe traveler will remain in being crionic during the trip and the chair of the ship will be used as criogenisator programmed for unfreezing and reviving to the pilot when 48 hrs lacks in order to reach to the sailing ship. The trip of the ship will be controlled from the Earth and once the pilot is in full powers to him  will correspond avoid the arrival from the sailing ship and return at home.  But now single lack know who it will be the savior or brave that  travel in the ship. 
That rash man is the Engineer Morris G. Owel, man spotless and excellent astronaut.