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The sailing ship speaks for Earth
By Mauricio Ordóñez Servín

Summer  1993

Radiotelescopio The radiates telescope of Arecibo, Puerto Rico,  capture waves of coming X rays from the star Alpha, in the Constellation of the Centaur. 

 The radioastronomers are surprised because upon making a series of studies they conclude that the emitted X rays are a sign. This sign doesn't arrive directly of Alpha, but of a relatively short distance of this (more or less the distance that there is of the Sun to Mars, about 229 millions of Km).   Marte y Sol


Ares, región de Marte.

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El espacio-tiempo de Einstein
Immediately the scientists begin to speculate that a message of any civilization of technology is limited but with enough capacity of reasoning, then the signs seem to be well focused toward our system lot and especially toward the earth.


Autumn 1994

The NASA and other organizations decide to send Alpha one of them called sailing ships space apparatuses in form of marine sailing ships with a mechanism of impulse in which the energy for the operation of this apparatus is the Light of the Sun.