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The sailing ship speaks for Earth
By Mauricio Ordóñez Servín

In little time everything is ready to the take off. The ship leaves from the terrestrial atmosphere, and it is directed Reedbed for the NASA and controlled from End. If there is any accidental the ship will be controlled in order to continue with the mission.  leaving ship

The pilot has a temperature now of (-196°) centigrade, the temperature "ideal" for the conservation of the body cellular human. Alone when "he wake up" the pilot will communicate with the Earth and the sign will arrive in 4 years to this and the ship will arrive some days later. 


When alone 2 days for the encounter of the ship with the sailing ship lack, automatically the Engineer is resuscitated and begins the maneuver. When  locate the alone sailing ship they lack 100 thousand km. in order to arrive to him, but suddenly, in the window of the computer a message appears:




Somebody, we don't know who
neither reason it threw a code of
information   in  key   of   the
Earth to Alpha and the invasors
head discovered us and attacked.
The force of coalition Terrestrial
he responded to the attack and we
were forced absurdly to throw the
final bomb, the most powerful
nuclear bomb that it never find
built the man.
Now I don't sole disappear the gender
human, it have also disappeared their
own and only home - The Earth-.
This message sent  some days
after the take off from the ship.
Now you and the sailing ship speaks for the
Universe on behalf of the Earth.
   The NASA.



Dead Morris from anger and deception know that no longer there is place neither house for him. he return to criogenisarce programming their ship with address to the nucleus of Alpha and melt to 15.000.000° centigrade of heat. Some hours later no longer there will be more humans in the Cosmos and alone the sailing ship will be the one that it speaks...for Earth. 



  The imagination doesn't have limit,
but who he think to the big, he has
that make a mistake to the big. 


   © 1991-2005 Mauricio Ordóñez, Made in México