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The sailing ship speaks for Earth
By Mauricio Ordóñez Servín


 "When the photons are displaced the speed of the light-Say´s the Physical Louis Friedman of the J.P.L.(Jet Propultion Laboratory) they are payees of an energy, so that when they collide with an obstacle" - her follow - "they are absorbed the how many luminous or rejected, if they are rejected, it to the inside in a mirror leave of the amount of movement of the photons it is given to the body, what it are translated like a constant pressure on him."
space sailing shipThe speed that would take the points out like a constant speed of a millimeter per second every second, this is, that to every second that he will pass their speed would increase 1mm/seg.,  Seem little, but in a day the sailing ship would reach a speed of 360 Km/h and would already have traveled a distance of 7.500 Km. A ship like that of the traveler would not be sent 2 that when  went by Neptune took a speed of 50,000 Km/ h.  To this speed would arrive to Alpha in 100.000 years since Alpha is to 4.3 years-light of the Earth. while a sailing ship so would arrive in 7.000 years. But on the other hand, if he is focused for a ray of laser their acceleration would increase and would arrive in not more than 40 years.

The space sailing ship that in 1992 was sent the moon successfully arrived and now the one that it will go the star Alpha it will take much information on the Earth, how they are their location with regard to the Sun and that of this in the Galaxy, something similar to what they took the travelers 1 and  2.
Message in the badgeThe  Sun is almost of the same size that Alpha and the distance of where they come the X rays  is similar to which there is of the Earth and Mars in the sun, so it is very probable that they have occurred any type of natural necessary conditions of similar way so that there is life. If that supposed civilization comes to find the sailing ship, we would finally know that we are not alone and that we have the possibility of having another near encounter with another World. 



April  1999

 The messages of X rays (still unsolved) are continued capturing. The sailing ship continues their course toward Alpha of the Centaur while the Hubble telescope located in the space, it continued the first 1,000 million kilometers of their trip. 




The X rays are continued emitting. The physical George McWrite, he discover the called "taquions"- of the Greek (tachys): speed.- These particles travel quicker than the light. Their study, they assure, it will be promising
Taquions Machine