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The sailing ship speaks for Earth
By Mauricio Ordóñez Servín


21 September  2033

In the calm but mysterious region of Coahuila near Durango, well-known like the "Valle del Silencio" (Silence Valley) in the immense darkness of the night, a luminous point appears that it approach to the Earth with a vertiginous speed shining more and more until be converted object that descends in a brilliant and he collide with the floor making a crater relatively big. 


Silence Valley


People of the nearest surroundings go to the place in order to observe the phenomenon while they give warning to the local authorities. 
But in those moments there is scientists' of the NASA group that they carry out studies of this vast region, where an astonishing magnetic attraction exists that it cause some phenomenons outside of the common, how  is the one that the compasses are disoriented, or that the receiving apparatuses don't work and that the absorption of solar energy is of up to one 35% old that in other places. These scientists also inform to the NASA and they immediately request the state and federal government of Coahuila and Mexico the authorization for the study of the object.

Planet Amber
A capsule  form is a  elipse with 1.5 m³, with a floodgate tightly close and with kind of a solar cell in the superior part. In their interior there is a small box in form of lens that projects central images in three-dimensional form of a planet color toward a screen amber in geodesic form. 

It in him is a developed civilization where they circulate flying and terrestrial vehicles, with big buildings and underground cities, a place seemingly very active. Later two beings of opposed sexes appear, of brown color and puckered bodies; biped of narrow arms, with long and thin fingers, and a head that in proportion to the body is big. 


   Later on they appear in the projection an invasion of UFO´s arrived by the north pole of the planet that they attack the city destroying it and dominating to the  habitants. 

Rebellion in the planet amber
Immediately to see  the construction of kind of a nuclear or electric plant with space centers and some gigantic antennas,- is a proyect- Later they mark a  line straight toward the south pole of the planet and appear the capsule with several of the little men  (of them invaded), throwing it, pointing out the trajectory of this and the place of source as well as the nearest star. 


This sequence of images repeats an and again automatically. Once again they begin to speculate, and they once again arrive to another conclusion: the capsule is not more than a message where these beings warn us from the "terrible" consequences that could originate if the invaders find out the existence of our planet and that there is life. 

Making an analysis by means of meticulous studies, they realize that the star that this signal in the projection is Alpha of the Centaur and analyzing their spectrum they calculate the age that had when they threw the capsule and the age that he now has in order to obtain the difference and know makes how much time it sent, and they arrive to the conclusion that the capsule thrown  approximately some 78 years ago for what perhaps the signs of X rays come from the plant of the planet color amber.