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Calendario Azteca Cem Anahuac: All only World.

    From stealthy semblances, with looking at translucent, they sentenced: 
    The world has been created, the stars there is   been created, the man... been created. 
     A ray of light petrified them, they now are: 
Stone of Sun.

©Mauricio Ordóñez 2000-2002

I with this history participate in the competition of stories of 33 words made in November 2000 for the Website Spanish, my position was the number 12. I find that my history was very regional and that  maybe didn't understand each other completely for whom it have not studied the cultures mesoamericans and mainly,for who it is not Mexican. Don´t care, the Spaniards, Basque and Argentineans that participated as well as the people that voted for me already know something more than México, in any way received a recognition of ten thousand Pesetas, ¡Olé!.

The story is been inspired by my cosmic vision of the Aztec called Calendar also Stone of Sun, and it are also thought of my vision of the creation of the world and the man according to the mythology of the cultures Aztec and Tolteca that they lived the Valley from México.

The Aztec Calendar has a diameter of 3.54 meters and a weight of more than 24 tons. It is one of the improve expressions of the Aztec art and it demonstrate the degree of cultural and scientific advance that this town reached in the astronomy, in the mathematical, in the mensuration of the time and in the art of working stone, knowledge that the Aztecs inherited of the civilizations that preceded them and that later they developed until this point for themselves.

The figures recorded in this imposing monolith represent the data corresponding to the formation of the Sun, to the order of the Planetary System, to the creation of the Earth in their different eras until the appearance of a divine couple that they called OZOMOC and CIPATONATH, figures that is represented in the central part of the Calendar round from the figure of TONATIUH (the Sun).

Mauricio Ordóñez

@Mauricio OrdóñezGaler